My next troll is going to involve me driving south to fuck with the KKK. If you want to help, please make a donation on Venmo at PPN412 or


Since there was some confusion behind the intent of this site and the joke has run it’s course, I figure I’d put something up to explain what happened, why ben shapiro was blamed, and the end result.

After my Gettysburg prank, i registered and and began to work on a site where people could sign up to “Join antifa.” The concept of joining antifa is ludicrous, as there is no organization. There are no leaders of antifa. My intention was to provoke outrade from conservatives, and collect angry messages and voicemails. that part worked.

What I didn’t expect is that anyone on the left would take this site seriously. The over-the-top nature, intentional misspellings, and obvious clues like “win the culture war” (LOL), and recruiting children was a dead giveaway. So when the site started blowing up on liberal social media, i made some changes to make things more obvious – including linking the words “leader of antifa” to this tweet:

As an aside joke, i thought it’d be funny to drop Ben Shapiro’s name and public email into the source code. I figured that in a few weeks someone would see it and maybe people would annoy Ben. What happened is that someone thought that Ben started the site and rumors went wild. The Daily Dot asked for a quick interview and I gave one in order to stoke the flames because… well… fuck Ben Shapiro.

since I’d outed myself as the person behind the site hours prior to the social media chaos, I didn’t expect things to go as wild as they did. I don’t know. I’m not really sorry. I’m kind of bummed that some leftists fell for it. Less surprised about the liberals and conservatives. Ben shapiro and his fans can go eat paint chips.

For my next troll, I’m planning to fuck with the KKK. I’m raising funds to rent a car and drive south for a few days. My aim is to publicly expose members of the Klan. If you want to support, you can donate via Venmo @PPN412 or